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Submission Form

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(Name and Email for Each Slot)

Production Schedule is Mid May 2023 to Mid of August 2023

Pitch Needed

Required attachment: 4-6 page pitch package that contains:  Story outline, concept art of characters and art style, 1 page outlining team and 1 page Production schedule for three months.

Animtoon AllStar Submission Form

Submission Launch: February 3,2023   Submission Close: March 10,2023


Thank you for your submission interest in Animtoon’s student film competition: Animtoon AllStars.  We are excited to see your Pitch package (PDF) submission.  Important rules you MUST follow:

  • This submission does not guarantee you and your team  (hereafter “Creators”) short film (“Short”) will be chosen.

  • Creators’ Short must be 2D animated and range from 2-4  minutes.

  • If Creators  Short  is chosen, Creator agrees that the Animtoon Youtube channel is the only place Short will be monetized on the internet.  Animtoon has full monetization rights to Animtoon AllStar shorts and elsewhere until funds have been recouped. 

  • Creators will decide amongst themselves the splits in ownership, payment, credit placement, and future involvement in Short.  Pencilish Studios will deliver payments to the Key Creator that the group selects as their representative.  It is that Key Creator’s responsibility to divide up payment, both future and current, amongst the team of Creators.  Pencilish has no rights or responsibilities in the finances and ownership of the Short amongst the Creators.  

  • Upon final selection, Pencilish Studios  intends to partner with the  Animtoon Allstar winning team (Creators) to create a KickStarter fundraise in Pencilish Studios name to receive funding for the Short, with a minimum goal of raising $35,000, with proceeds being divided up as: 10% of funding will go to Pencilish Production oversight, 10% to Pencilish Marketing, 10% for Kickstarter Fees/ Perks, and the remaining 70% to the Animtoon Allstar winning Creators for creation of  the Short film.  If more funds (over the minimum)  are obtained, those funds will be divided up at the same ratio as above.  At a certain financial level, and at the sole discretion of Pencilish Studios, a new milestone could be set for the creation of a second Short by a runner-up team of creators.  

  • If selected, Creators will create the animated film, with Pencilish providing oversight only.  All assets and final Short must be created in the outlined three month period allotted as part of the production schedule. 

  • Creators  will retain full ownership of their  Intellectual Property.

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