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Behind the Scenes

Follow along as the PENCILISH Studios’ artists and writers develop this series!

Micheal Ortega

Family-focused, Confident, Awkward

Anne Martin

Mysterious, Pessimistic, Fragile

Brody DeLeon

Gentle, Emotional, Strong

Catalina Gil

Fiery, Competitive, Unemotional

Yeo Kim

Smart, Nerdy, Misunderstood

El Tempistito

Odd, Grumpy, Wise

Fuerza Bruta

Passionate, Driven, Loving

Aro Lucha Libre


Michael Ortega has dreamed of being a famous luchadore since he was small.  Now a pre-teen, he finally gets accepted into a training program with the second best Lucha school: Los Toros Locos.  The wise, but strange old master trains Michael and a small group of rag-tag kids to become the next big luchadores.  Joining them is a famous big-shot luchadora who is trying to rediscover her love for the art of Lucha Libre.  Will this geeky group be able to take on the high tech rival school and rise to fame as luchadores?

Property Highlights:

Co-production with Aro Lucha Productions, Starlight Runner (transmedia storyworld builders that have deepened the engagement in properties like Avatar, Men in Black, Halo, Spider-Man, and Transformers and more ) and PENCILISH Animation Studios (Animation development/production company with animation industry vets from Disney and other major studios).  Hispanic buying power was estimated at $1.7 Trillion in 2020.

Meet Michael Ortega

Growing up in Mexico City, Michael has heard about the legendary luchedores of the ring his whole life.  He shares this love with his Papa but especially with his abuela.  Michael is unsure but driven to be his best.  He is a learner that is constantly seeking out more information about his idols of the ring.  He’s awkward in front