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Behind the Scenes

Follow along as the PENCILISH Studios’ artists and writers develop this series!


Confident, Passionate, Imaginative


Avid-Reader, Nerdy, Competitive


Humorous, Stern, Quick-angered


Overly-supportive, Loving, Nurturing


Confident, Positive, Supportive


Literal, Rule Follower, Creative

JuJu Brain


This “slice of life” series (created by: Julie Odnoralov) focuses on JuJu- a girl on a mission to be both different and accepted.  Unfortunately, those two things don’t go together when you’re a middle-school preteen girl.  JuJu has a huge imagination (called her “JuJu Brain”) that makes for trouble in most situations.  On top of all that, she’s navigating her own “rituals” (OCD) that are starting to stress her out.  Good thing she has a great family and best friends to get her through!

Property Highlights:

JuJu Brain is a series that will explore important “life issues” that are rarely explored for pre-teens: image acceptance, OCD, and therapy.  Family, growing up and friendships are portrayed in a fun way.  

Meet JuJu

She’s a hard-rocking middle schooler that wants to be taken seriously.  She’s both confident (when the subject is guitars, music, her friends and who she is) and unconfident (when the subjects are math, getting to know new people, and who she is).  Her anxiety shows up with her multiple “rituals” that are starting to take over her life.  She lives in her imagination (“JuJu Brain”) when she needs to find a way out of her troubles- which often just blows up into a worse situation.