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Pencilish is proud to announce are first three short-form animated TV series! We are in development/production on all three of these series with a fourth (unannounced as of yet) series in development. The first three series are:

“JuJu Brain”

created by Julie Odnoralov

It’s about an 11-year-old named JuJu who comes-of-age amidst the complexities and monotony of everyday life with lots of questions, a quirky sense of humor, ambitious dreams, and a sensitive heart. She is solidly in her “awkward pre-teen years” of wanting to be different but also wanting to fit in. Her best friend on the block is Chris, who is equally different but proud of it. JuJu dreams of being a Rockstar one day and writes her own songs. When stressed, she goes into her "JuJu Brain"- her imaginary world where she can be all she wants to be and the real-life Rockstar she idolizes is one of the people guiding her.

The major theme of this show is IDENTITY. Set in the 90s with a fun feel and musical elements.

(Below are some initial development art being created by our Pencilish concept development team.)

“Bjorn, the Last Unicorn”

created by Tom Bancroft

After centuries of hiding deep in the Scandinavian Mountains, Bjorn, the last Unicorn, is lonely and tired of hiding. He finds a cell phone and discovers the world of social media which changes his feelings about the world. In his naive mind, he sees all the good in the world- with social media influencers being the best examples of goodness! He meets BECCA, who quickly realizes that Bjorn is the perfect storm of cuteness and talking fantasy creature to win the hearts of the world and become THE #1 PET INFLUENCER. She becomes his best friend and “momager” to add to her already popular social media cat, PATTY, who instantly hates Bjorn. Bjorn is eternally optimistic, discovering the world for the first time, lives with a single woman and conniving cat who wants all her Followers back and will do anything to get them- and he still has some magic in that horn of his. What could go wrong?

This series is one part celebration and one part roast of social media. Many actual Youtubers and TikTok stars will be involved as character voices or cameos.

(Below are some initial development art being created by our Pencilish concept development team.)

“Mind Over Murphy”

Created by Max St. John

Murphy is a normal, anxiety-filled 20-something New Yorker doing his best to get through the day. Except, he and his Brain are in a constant and permanent relationship, as much as either of them may wish it weren’t the case. Murphy’s Brain follows him like a shadow and often flips between bad suggestions, insults, and songs from the 90s. Though unseen by the rest of the world, Brain is blunt, unapologetic, and frankly kind of a bully to Murphy. Brain is always there to offer (un)helpful advice, or a reminder of that mistake Murphy made in 7th grade. Murphy’s Brain continuously interrupts Murphy and goes on anxiety-fueled tangents. The show focuses on daily observational comedy and the deep thoughts that millennials (and all other ages) can unfortunately relate to. Whether it’s debating what kind of coffee to get or determining if that bump on his neck is a cancerous tumor, Brain will be there to provide input!

Max St. John is a comedian in NY with a large social media following for his skits on Instagram and TikTok.

(Below are some initial development art being created by our Pencilish concept development team.)

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