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Brand New Pencilish Show Mind Over Murphy | Episode 1 FULL CARTOON
Brand New Pencilish Show Mind Over Murphy | Episode 1 FULL CARTOON
Brand New Pencilish Show "Mind Over Murphy | Episode 1 FULL CARTOON Insta: @Pencilishstudios Website: Subscribe: Episode 1 “This Is Awkward” Murphy and his brain attempt to make a plan for the weekend but Murphy’s girlfriend delivers unexpected news. Created by Max St. John Directed by Tom Bancroft Murphy- Max St. John: Instagram: @maxtheverygoodboy Brain- Brian Hull: @Brianhull, TikTok: @brianhullsvoice Sarah: Claire Dodin Thank you to our investors:) 2.2 MILLION DOLLARS IN INVESTMENT 4, 589 INVESTORS Viva La Animation Revolution! #2danimation #bestnewtvshows #newcartoon2022
Behind the Scenes

Follow along as the PENCILISH Studios’ artists and writers develop this series!


Anxious, Searching, Apologetic


Pessimistic, Positive, Consistent

Mind Over Murphy


In Mind Over Murphy (created by comedian Max St. John), Murphy is a normal, anxious “twenty-five something” living in NY and trying to figure out what he should be doing with his life- except he can see and interact with his Brain.  Brain has a way of magnifying every thought Murphy has, usually to disastrous results.  Have a bug bite on your neck, Brain says its a tumor and you need to go to the doctor-NOW!  

Property Highlights:

Mature themed animated series are more popular than ever.  This concept is perfect for sharability and focuses on an older demographic that is nostalgically-driven toward animated content. 

Meet Murphy

Murphy is a normal, worried, anxious, mid-twenty’s guy who thinks he can be doing better than what his no-where job is getting him.  He’s struggling with relationships and either putting too much into them or not enough.  His deepest desire is to be free of self doubt but Brain isn’t helping any!