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We are a crowd-invested studio headed up by animation industry veterans that will create original intellectual properties (animated series, to start) that will feature that work on our Pencilish Animation YouTube Channel. Our goal is to continue to create new properties and build a library of “IP” that is owned by Pencilish and our investors. We have many ways to monetize our efforts from YouTube content monetization, to merchandising and licensing on the properties we create, to larger, longer-term partnerships down the road.


This should be considered a long-term investment but if you are interested in being a part of the ground floor of a new entertainment company.


To create short-form (3-5 minute) animated series and launch them onto our Pencilish Studios YouTube channel and other social media to gain a following. We will own a good portion of each of the IP (sharing it with the creators) with the payout being from multiple streams: ad revenue, possibly expanding a series with the big studios/streamers, and/or creating our own merchandising and licensing deals with some of our more popular series. We are running the company lean, with as few internal employees as possible and running each series as its own mini virtual studio. Each series animation “team” will be about two to four people. I have a lot of experience building artistic teams and we have great producers in place to make sure each one runs efficiently.

In my opinion, this is where entertainment is headed. Not many, if any, companies are investing in the next big talents in animation- while still giving them a large portion of the profits. We have experienced hit-makers on our Pencilish team so we will be looking for the next big creators to work with and mentor them in their projects. Pencilish will work with creators all over the world and help them get their creations into the world while also doing something only the big studios do: market/advertise those series to the public.

Pencilish Animation Studios an “Animation Revolution” because it’s a studio funded/owned by fans! Our investors will own a piece of that Intellectual Property and they are teamed up with creators that are excited to be able to bring their creations to life. We all win!


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